Vados Spear

Weapon Type Spears 
Damage 41
Reqs 7 FIN
Scaling Finesse
Special -

Vados Spear is one of the Spears in Death's Gambit. Weapons can be acquired through out the game and they generally deal more damage based on your Stats, such as  Strength or Finesse. Each weapon category has its own Abilities.



A standard Vados issued spear. Tree roots wind around the shaft of the spear. 'Immovable like a tree, with its heritage deep.' A common saying within Vados, despite its habit of colonially uprooting its neighbors.



Vados Spear Location

  • Can be bought from Jaco of Basilus
  • +2 version locked behind a door in Obsidian Vale (requires Amarog Key)
  • +4 version dropped by defeating all four Mini-Bosses that give debuffs on death in Observatory




Vados Spear Upgrade Table

Level Bonus Materials & Cost
+0 ?? ??
+1 ?? ??
+2 ?? ??
+3 ?? ??
+4 ?? ??
+5 ?? ??
+6 ?? ??
+7 ?? ??
+8 ?? ??
+9 ?? ??
+10 ?? ??



Vados Spear Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • ??





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    • Anonymous

      25 Aug 2018 17:54  

      The spear sadly is one of the worst weapons in the whole game. It has just bad single hit damage, no charged up attack, bad DPS, only mediocre speed and range and an absolutely horrible moveset that consists only out of stabs and just sort of covering slash that's a slow combo finisher. It's really a pitty. At least it should have way more damage than it has yet, or it should get a better moveset like atleast the halberd jumping attack or so.

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