Corpse Shield

Reqs 5 STR
Toughness Rating A
Special Reduces physical damage while blocking by 25%. Poison builds up while the shield is out.

Corpse Shield is one of the Shields in Death's Gambit. Shields can be acquired through out the game and they allows the player to block incoming damage.



A decaying torso strapped to several planks of wood. It looks like the body was stabbed with a small knife. Fink guarantees that it can be used as a shield.



Corpse Shield Location

  • Sold by Fink (merchant located after Ione battle) for 200.
  • Sold by Fink in later locations for 100



Corpse Shield Notes & Tips

  • Cannot be used at level 1 as Soldier, Assassin, Wizard or Acolyte of Death
  • Use it before Sigur to trigger her quest line
    • If you accept Sigur's request, the currently equipped shield will be lost and you will gain a plank shield. This may not be the corpse shield if you deny the request and come back later.
  • Even though it is the cheapest A rating shield, the poison build up is very fast making it a very poor choice.



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    • Anonymous

      20 Aug 2018 09:10  

      Needed to trigger Sigur's questline. Equip and block with it next to her. She will remove the corpse, give you a goal to reach, and you will receive the Plank Shield in its place.

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