Acolyte of Death

level Level ??
vitality_deaths_gambit_wiki_guide_s Vitality 4
strength_deaths_gambit_wiki_guide_s Strength 3
finesse_deaths_gambit_wiki_guide_s Finesse 7
endurance_deaths_gambit_wiki_guide_s Endurance 1
intelligence_deaths_gambit_wiki_guide_s Intellect 2
haste_deaths_gambit_wiki_guide_s Haste 5

Acolyte of Death is a Class in Death's Gambit. There are a total of 7 unique classes to pick from, each with its own bonuses, Stats and starting Equipment. Players can select any class that they prefer based on the available gear or their favored playstyle.


"You worship death, letting you restore broken Death Idols. These can be used to rest and save. Killing enemies gives you Soul Energy for Abilities."


Acolyte of Death Starting Equipment

placeholder_icon Conscript's Cape

Vados_Shield Vados Shield

Acolyte_Scythe Acolyte Scythe


Acolyte of Death Notes and Tips

  • Class tips go here
  • Class notes go here



Assassin  ♦  Blood Knight  ♦  Noble  ♦  Sentinel  ♦  Soldier  ♦  Wizard


    • Anonymous

      30 Aug 2018 05:10  

      This is a pretty solid starter if you're thinking about giving the game a go. It does get a little more difficult in the second half of the game, but overall a good starting character.

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