Plank Shield

Reqs 1 STR
Toughness Rating B
Special -

Plank Shield is one of the Shields in Death's Gambit. Shields can be acquired through out the game and they allows the player to block incoming damage.



Planks of wood strung together. Clearly a makeshift job by Fink. The residual blood and guts of the corpse that once adorned the shield have stained the wood, but it’s still functional.



Plank Shield Location



Plank Shield Notes & Tips

  • After using the Corpse Shield (requires 5 STR) before Sigur and trigger her quest line, select the first option and she will give you a Plank Shield  but your Corpse Shield will be removed in the process. This can be triggered multiple times in a single play through.
  • Plank Shield is actually Corpse Shield after the corpse is removed making it lighter (5 STR->1  STR), worse scaling (A->B) but no poison build up.
  • Has 1 STR requirement but you NEED 5 STR in order to obtain this shield. After that it is the cheapest B scaling shield for all min-max low STR build.



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