Shaman Shield

Reqs -
Toughness Rating C
Special Blocking an attack temporarily increases intelligence by 1, up to 5. Effect lasts 10 seconds.

Shaman Shield is one of the Shields in Death's Gambit. Shields can be acquired through out the game and they allows the player to block incoming damage.



A shield from the Amarog shamans. A byproduct of their ritualistic sacrifices has led them to discover unique crystals that store souls. Much of what they craft involves them in one way or another.



Shaman Shield Location



Shaman Shield Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      10 Jul 2019 10:23  

      Requires 4 STR to equip for those of you who were wondering. Not sure if still bugged as I have not used it myself.

      • Anonymous

        29 Dec 2018 17:35  

        Watch the design in the middle of the shield closely... ANALyse it... and tell me there isn't something sexual about it...

        • Anonymous

          22 Aug 2018 12:51  

          This shield is currently bugged and slowly makes your weapon dmg precent drop. I don't know if it actually effects your damage but it does make you drop %.

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