Wizard is a Class in Death's Gambit. There are a total of 7 unique classes to pick from, each with its own bonuses, Stats and starting Equipment. Players can select any class that they prefer based on the available gear or their favored playstyle.


You fight with complex ranged magic. Using a healing Phoenix Feather will give you Soul Energy to use for Abilities. Tome damage scales with Intelligence.

Recommended if you enjoy ranged magic combat.


Wizard Starting Equipment


Wizard Notes and Tips

  • Wizard can be considered a difficult class to play due to overall low basic attack damage and considerable delays between the execution of tome abilities' combinations. Maximizing relatively low damage requires considerable investment into the Intellect and player's timing is very crucial in successful tome ability executions.
  • Unlike weapon abilities, tome abilities work differently. Pressing hotkey will create an orb that does nothing by itself - you can either press the attack key to perform the move  or cast another ability of this kind to change the move. Executing the third ability destroys both orbs. Memorizing the effects of these combinations is the key to mastering this class. 
  • Combinations using 2 orbs won't necessarily do more damage than a single orb. Keep this in mind when facing bosses.



Acolyte of Death  ♦  Assassin  ♦  Blood Knight  ♦  Noble  ♦  Sentinel  ♦  Soldier

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