Energy Shield


Reqs STR
Toughness Rating B
Special Blocking attacks increases your non-elemental damage by 4% for 18 seconds.

Energy Shield is a Shield in Death's Gambit: Afterlife. Shields are a special type of Weapon as they are purely used for blocking incoming damage, and are equipped onto their own additional slot. The protagonist may equip up to 2 weapons and 1 shield at any time, and may alternate between them accordingly during battle. Players may find all relevant information about the Energy Shield on this page.


The hum of machinery keeps the shield primed to generate a hardened shell of light. It's not enough to illuminate anything, but to be able to touch light and mold it...Who is to say they are not gods?


Energy Shield Information

  • Requirement: 8 STR
  • Toughness Rating: B
  • Special Bonuses: Blocking attacks increases your non-elemental damage by 4% for 18 seconds.


Where to Find Energy Shield



Energy Shield Notes & Tips

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