Energy Shield

Reqs 8 STR
Toughness Rating B
Special Blocking attacks energize you, increasing Str/Fin/Int by 4 for 18 seconds.

Energy Shield is one of the Shields in Death's Gambit. Shields can be acquired through out the game and they allows the player to block incoming damage.



The hum of machinery keeps the shield primed to generate a hardened shell of light. It's not enough to illuminate anything, but to be able to touch light and mold it...Who is to say they are not gods?



Energy Shield Location

  • In a Hallway past the Positive/Negative Gates in Garde Tum. Dropped by one of the blue enemies.



Energy Shield Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • ??



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    • Anonymous

      17 Aug 2018 01:02  

      Do not use it, repeat do not use it, as for some reason after using it your weapons deal less damage with each block (I had 175 damage scythe after blocking it became 63 !!!!) This is not a joke I repeat this is not a joke!!! The only way to get the damage back is to reload the save file.

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