Royal Crest of Mistra

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Reqs 50 FIN
Toughness Rating A
Special Perfect block
retaliation damage+20%

Royal Crest of Mistra is a Shield in Death's Gambit: Afterlife. Shields are a special type of Weapon as they are purely used for blocking incoming damage, and are equipped onto their own additional slot. The protagonist may equip up to 2 weapons and 1 shield at any time, and may alternate between them accordingly during battle. Players may find all relevant information about the Royal Crest of Mistra on this page.


A golden bloom is the symbol of Mistra, contoured by a vine of thorns to represent the beauty of the city, and their willingness to draw blood. But despite its gold crested veneer, the face of Mistra operates in the shadows. Increases perfect block retaliation damage by 20%.


Royal Crest of Mistra Information

  • Requirement: 50 FIN
  • Toughness Rating: A
  • Special Bonuses: Increases perfect block retaliation damage by 20%.
  • Does not fully nullify attacks on normal blocks, receiving 10% damage of the attack (Fixed in the 1.1.6 patch)


Where to Find Royal Crest of Mistra

  • To the left of Grimgaud. Only accessible by using the Warp Orb Generator.
  • An alternative way to get it early (not that you can use it due to the 50 FIN REQ) is to respec (Meditate at the hub) and the get 10 FIN & 6 HST  in order to use Blink, then you can use warp inside any gap, but you need to stock on Crow Feather in order to escape.


Royal Crest of Mistra Notes & Tips

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  • Other notes, tips, and trivia go here.




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