Tomes are Weapons in Death's Gambit. Each weapon features a unique moveset to their weapon type. Weapon categories grant specific abilities to the player when equipped.


Tomes in Death's Gambit

Name Damage Category Special Location

Casting Tome

Scaling: 14
Tomes -
  • Starter weapon of Wizard class.
  • Found near Alistair, in a room going upstairs, going through some traps, it will be in the floor.

    • Anonymous

      20 Aug 2018 15:34  

      One black orb = a forward moving shield bash that does damage and applies bleed Two Black orbs = an attack similar to Endless where the player disappears and can be moved closer or further to enemies and reappears performing a damaging slash. One black orb + One fire orb = Places an explosive similar to the Dark Knight on heroic.

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