Sirad's Sky Tomb is a Location in Death's Gambit. Sirad's Sky Tomb is the resting place of Wraith King Sirad and his Tomes. Explore the area to obtain new Items and Abilities and complete the Boss battle here. 


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Full Sirad's Sky Tomb Walkthrough

Sirad's Sky Tomb Information

 There is a route to the Sky Tomb when dropping down from Amulvaro's Observatory.  Follow the map to make your way through each corner of this area. Here you can find both Tomes of Wraith King Sirad, and encounter the boss battle with Wraith King Sirad himself.


In order to reach Wraith King Sirad, use the magical flower to ascend to this area and he will be there. 


Sirad's Skytomb 'Please gib Vegetable'

  • When encountering the sign that requests 'please gib vegetable' drop one Golden Carrot in exchange fro 5 more.



Sirad's Sky Tomb Video

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Sirad's Sky Tomb Map



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    • Anonymous

      The room in the top right contains an invisible enemy only damagable by the tome obtained in migration chamber and drops 1/5 fragments of god to fight Xarlohatp

      • Anonymous

        There's a room at the top rightmost area above the statue of Sirad that you can only reach with infinite double jumps, it has a bunch of eyes or something pulsating in the background. Anyone know what the significance of this is?

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