Leaf of Gaia

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Item Type Consumables
Effect When consumed, restores all health and removes minor status ailments.

Leaf of Gaia is one of the Consumables in Death's Gambit. Items can be acquired through out the game and they generally provide bonuses to various Stats or can be used to provide various benefits, or even open doors.



There are rumors of groves, untouched by seasons. Where spring is eternal, and the leaves are lush. They are the locus of ley lines, the nervous system of gaia and radiant sites of magic. This leaf is proof of such a place.



Leaf of Gaia Location


  • One can be found in the Central Sanctuary. After meeting Bast , climb the platform above him until reaching the top of the tower in the right side with a column blocking the way. Jump over the column and descend the towers broken wall. Stick to the wall and slowly go down the platform until able to pick up the Leaf of Gaia in one of the columns.
  • Inside the cave of where there is the second rest area for the Oblivion Vale , go up the ladder , head right till you hit the end with the locked door that needs the Amarog Key. Inside is a Leaf of Gaia.
  • In Aldwynn, from the cathedral go left and head into the first open house. Then head up the uppermost floor and in the left you will find it.
  • In Gaian's Cradle, on the closest pillar, at savepoint, where you get your first class ability
  • can be found in the Central Sanctuary, on platform over the big bell, hanging over Jaco of Basilus.


Leaf of Gaia Notes & Tips

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