Void Plume

Void Plume
Item Type Consumables
Effect Restores 520 health. Increases intelligence by 5 for 10 seconds after use.

Void Plume is one of the Consumables in Death's Gambit. Items can be acquired through out the game and they generally provide bonuses to various Stats or can be used to provide various benefits, or even open doors.



Once a phoenix plume, now tainted by the void magic of The Black. His dabblings with the void have left a lasting effect on the objects he once owned.



Void Plume Location

  • The item can be found in a phoenix chest, above a hanging gilded cage in Amulvaro's Tower



Void Plume Notes & Tips

  • Bugged as of patch 1.07 on Playstation 4. Will decrease INT by 5 if used while the items effect is active. This is not permanent, however, and can be remedied by reloading your save file.
  • ??



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