Item Type Consumables
Effect Removes contagion and other minor status ailments. This applies to yourself and those near you.

Panacea is one of the Consumables in Death's Gambit. Items can be acquired through out the game and they generally provide bonuses to various Stats or can be used to provide various benefits, or even open doors.



A fabled curative sought after by many. Some kings even assume that the panacea is the secret to immortality.



Panacea Location





Panacea Notes & Tips

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Abyssal Eye  ♦  Crow Plume  ♦  Crystallized Plume  ♦  Dark Crystal Plume  ♦  Dragonberry  ♦  Flare Plume  ♦  Gaian Blood  ♦  Great Phoenix Plume  ♦  Grimgaud’s Brew  ♦  Hastened Plume  ♦  Leaf of Gaia  ♦  Lucent Plume  ♦  Medicinal Plume  ♦  Phoenix Feather Tuft  ♦  Quickened Plume  ♦  Radiant Plume  ♦  Void Plume

    • Anonymous

      22 Sep 2018 22:06  

      so, if you kill the npc (who directly tell you that he wants to die and effectively dies if you do not return to him after a while and use a panacea on himself) that sells panaceas, you basically screw your save file, since this item cannot be purchased/farmed anywhere, and the enemy at the castle rape you with this status, forcing you to create savefile backups everytime until they do not appear anymore. Nice. This is the dumbest idea that developers could add to the game.

      • Anonymous

        31 Aug 2018 23:09  

        Its just above the passage statues / bonfire which is east of riders passage just past the water fall. Jump ump the stone steps and hes right there.

        • Anonymous

          19 Aug 2018 20:44  

          Alistair sells these for 300 shards each. Since they remove contagion I recommend you buy 3-5 just in case if you decide to kill him for the skeleton key.

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