Frost Bite

Weapon Type Daggers
Stat Reqs 7 FIN

Frost Bite in an Ability in Death's Gambit. Abilities are special skills that can be performed depending on the Weapons you have equipped (much like Dark Souls 3). Ability use consumes Soul Energy, that you get from performing specific actions based on your Class.



Frost Bite Effect

A dagger slash that freezes the first enemy hit for 20 seconds. While frozen, the enemy cannot move or perform any actions. Being hit instantly breaks the frozen state. Does not work on bosses.



How to unlock Frost Bite


Assassinate  ♦  Blink  ♦  Cleaving Throw  ♦  Cross Slash  ♦  Crushing Tide  ♦  Cyclone  ♦  Death Watch  ♦  Essence of Darkness  ♦  Essence of Fire  ♦  Essence of Lightning  ♦  Flame Blitz  ♦  Fortitude  ♦  Heroic Lunge  ♦  Light of the Phoenix  ♦  Lunge  ♦  Multishot  ♦  Piercing Light  ♦  Reap  ♦  Rupture  ♦  Seismic Nova  ♦  Serpent's Barrage  ♦  Sky Crash  ♦  Smoldering Guillotine  ♦  Soul Rend  ♦  Soul Trigger  ♦  Spear Rush  ♦  Storm Caller  ♦  Trueshot  ♦  Unyielding Strike  ♦  Winding Hew

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    • Anonymous

      02 Dec 2018 06:15  

      Can be useful sometimes when fighting more than one tanky non-boss enemy (very rare). You freeze one of them and deal with the other 1v1. Otherwise, deals less damage than Assassinate, kinda slow cast-speed and hard to land. Also, in-game description is untrue : it does NOT deal extra damage on bleeding enemies.

      • Anonymous

        19 Aug 2018 08:12  

        Pretty worthless ability in general, it doesn't do much damage and most mobs die fast enough for this not to matter much, even in late game.

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