Essence of Darkness

Weapon Type Tome
Stat Reqs 32 INT

Essence of Darkness in an Ability in Death's Gambit. Abilities are special skills that can be performed depending on the Weapons you have equipped (much like Dark Souls 3). Ability use consumes Soul Energy, that you get from performing specific actions based on your Class.



Essence of Darkness Effect

Create a floating dark orb. Attacking with a tome weapon causes all floating elemental orbs to combine to create a unique attack.


  • When cast with a lightning orb gives a stamina regen buff of %100 for 10 seconds.
  • When cast with a fire orb creates a fire mine that explodes with high damage on contact with enemies.
  • If cast twice gives you a brief invulnerability and when it ends deals high damage also applying bleed.
  • If cast alone makes you charge forward and deal moderate damage and apply bleed.



How to unlock Essence of Darkness

  • Can be bought from Zuma and Ash if the player character has not owned the skill yet.


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