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Effect Works like fear from before the Afterlife Expansion

Will is a Stat in Death's Gambit. Stats are character parameters that determine your HP, stamina and scaling for Weapons and Armor requirements.

Will cannot be leveled up, instead it increases whenever the player dies.

Will Effect

  • Will is increased upon dying, unless at least 5 Heroic Bosses have been defeated.
  • Most purple-colored spells increase will by 1, even if blocked with a shield. Also some green spells.
  • In Y'lnoth, will is raised by 2 whenever one of the tormented people respawns after being killed. A scene with an apparition just before the boss also adds 1 point.
  • Defeating a Heroic Boss for the first time decreases will by a minimum of 20.
  • Will can effect the endings of the game, see Endings. (SPOILERS).
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