Sigil of Caer Siorai (Number Two)


Item Type Key Items
Effect ??

Sigil of Caer Siorai (Number Two) is one of the Key Items in Death's Gambit, and are used to open the sealed door to Caer Siorai.



One of three sigils used to open the underground passage ways to Caer Siorai.


Sigil of Caer Siorai (Number Two) Location

  • TBC




Sigil of Caer Siorai (Number Two) Notes & Tips

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Key Items
Amarog Key  ♦  Church Basement Key  ♦  Crest of Cusith  ♦  Death's Contract  ♦  Forbidden Key  ♦  Ivory Key  ♦  Rusty Charm  ♦  Sigil of Caer Siorai  ♦  Skeleton Key  ♦  Suicide Blade

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