Key Items are items in Death's Gambit that are unique and or has a specific use. Items are used for healing, dealing damage, or consumed for Shards, to perform Upgrades or to open special locations. You may also want to see WeaponsShields and Armor for details on equipment.


Key Items in Death's Gambit


Name Type Effect Description

rusted_pendant_deaths_gambit_wikiRusty Charm

Key Items ?? A locket holding a small picture of my parents. There is an engraving that reads: To our dearest loves, we watch over you.

placeholder_iconIvory Key

Key Items ?? A white key used by the nightmarish jailors of the cavernous prison spire. Only husks remain of the captives left to marinate in the darkness. There is an eerie sense of familiarity to them. They whisper for death.

placeholder_iconSigil of Caer Siorai

Key Items ?? One of three sigils used to open the underground passage ways to Caer Siorai.

placeholder_iconAmarog Key

Key Items Key used by the Amarog to imprison captives. The Amarog have been enslaving wanderers and using them as sacrificial lambs for some kind of ritual to resurrect the Kaern. Death seems to be a transitory state for them, sustaining their longevity through harvesting souls.

death's_contract_deaths_gambit_wikiDeath's Contract

Key Items ?? My contract with Death. It keeps me alive until I fulfill my mission. The contract can be cancelled at any time, though it'll leave me mortal. I have to be certain that's what I want. The page radiates with an ominous sensation. It's seemingly capable of crossing realms.

sacrificial_blade_deaths_gambit_wikiSuicide Blade

Key Items Small blade that can be used to kill yourself. You were told as a child that any mortal who commits suicide does not gain entrance to heaven.

placeholder_iconChurch Basement Key

Key Items ?? An elaborate key for the church of Aldwynn. For all their pomp, antiquated offerings never saved a soul.

placeholder_iconSkeleton Key

Key Items Allows you to open most locked doors that require a key. A masterwork of ingenuity, this key changes the length of each individual teeth to fit a given lock.

crest_of_cusith_deaths_gambit_wikiCrest of Cusith

Key Items A stone emblem that seems to slot into something. A creature's face is carved onto this circular stone tablet. Gaians born out of the earth were magnificent creatures that rightly were worshipped as gods by primitive cultures. But something changed that put most of them into an eternal sleep. The mystery of the Deep Sleep remains a contentious subject.

placeholder_iconForbidden Key

Key Items A key to the city of Garde Tum. Ingested by the Dark Knight during a fierce battle with Origa. What secrets they've come to harness remains a mystery. Would such technology be indistinguishable from magic?

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