Skeleton Key

Item Type Key Items
Effect Allows you to open most locked doors that require a key.

Skeleton Key is one of the Key Items in Death's Gambit. Items can be acquired throughout the game and they generally provide bonuses to various Stats or can be used to provide various benefits or even open doors.



A masterwork of ingenuity, this key changes the length of each individual teeth to fit a given lock.



Skeleton Key Location


  • Obtained by killing Alistair, a snail-like lizard who sells Panaceas in a small area in Rider's Passage.




Skeleton Key Notes & Tips

  • Opens every door in the game that requires a key. Once you have this item, you no longer need Amarog Key, Church Basement Key and Ivory Key.
  • Does not open story-specific doors. (Amulvaro's Observatory lift. Caer Siorai gate, etc.)
  • Does not open doors that require to be unlocked from the right side.
  • As Alistair is one of the few sources of Panacea in the game, it's recommended to stock up on a few before killing him for the key.



Key Items
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