An Upgrade is an item in Death's Gambit that is used to improve weapons. Items are used for healing, dealing damage, consumed for Shards, to perform Upgrades, or to open special locations. You may also want to see WeaponsShields and Armor for details on equipment.


Upgrade in Death's Gambit

Name Type Effect Description

placeholder_iconImmortalite Stone

Upgrade Powerful magesmiths can imbue equipment with its magical properties. When used as an item, it turns into 1000 shards. Stone surging with legendary power. Legends say this stone manifests itself when a powerful immortal is killed soon after reviving.

placeholder_iconSoul Stone

Upgrade Component to enchant equipment. If used as an item, it turns into 50 shards. A rare stone manufactured by the original architects of Caer Siorai, the Ailtire. It pulses with the innate energy of a soul.

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