Assassin Talents are a Category of Class Talents Death's Gambit. Talents are special skills that Players may unlock by obtaining and spending Talent Points, and opening up progression via the Talent tree. Each of the Classes have their own set of Talents available to them if selected. Assassin Talents are available upon selecting the Assassin Class. Players may select a secondary Class Talent Tree once it is unlocked which will give them access to one other Class Talent Tree. In addition to the Class Talent trees, players will also be able to use a General Talent Tree and unlock an Advanced Talent Tree. 



Death's Gambit: Afterlife Assassin Talents

Assasin's Might
Dodging attacks give you soul energy to use for abilities.
Getting shield broken lowers all ability cooldowns by 10 seconds
Blink Combo
Blink increases all damage dealt by 4%. Effect lasts until 2.5 seconds pass without hitting an enemy.
Daggers Roll Fury
Hitting a bleeding enemy with a dagger roll attack adds 3 seconds to the bleed timer.
Blood Born
Dealing a killing blow to an enemy with a bleed effect will cause it to explode into a cloud of blood that deal damage to enemies in it
Row 2
Assassins Reflection
Using assassinate creates a shadow copy of yourself that deals damage where you used the ability. Lasts 4 seconds. 
Devastation: Daggers
Dagger combo finisher deals double damage if under 20% health
Gouge Mastery
Reduces Gouge cooldown by 15 seconds
Improved Gouge
Your next dagger roll attack after using gouge also blinds enemies
Row 3
Cloak of Darkness
Ability. You become invisible to non-boss enemies. 60 soul energy cost. 50 second cool down. 
Circle of Haste
Healing leaves behind a small area that doubles ability cooldown speeds while standing in the area. Lasts 10 seconds. 
Keep Rolling
Dodge rolling reduces all ability cooldowns by 1 seconds. 


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