Acolyte of Death Talents are a Category of Class Talents in Death's Gambit. Talents are special skills that Players may unlock by obtaining and spending Talent Points, and opening up progression via the Talent tree. Each Talent costs 1 talent point. Each of the Classes have their own set of Talents available to them if selected. Acolyte of Death Talents are available upon selecting the Acolyte of Death Class. Players may select a secondary Class Talent Tree once it is unlocked which will give them access to one other Class Talent Tree. In addition to the Class Talent trees, players will also be able to use a General Talent Tree and unlock an Advanced Talent Tree. 



Death's Gambit: Afterlife Acolyte of Death Talents

Acolyte's Might
Killing enemies gives you soul energy to use for abilities.
Reap Mastery
Reap ability animation is faster and the buff lasts 5 more seconds. 
Dark Defense
All dark damage taken reduced by 10%
Soul Break
Being shield broken gives 20 soul energy. 
Soul Crash
Hitting an enemy with Crash Down increases soul energy gained from attacks by 3 for 12 seconds.  
Full Soul
Scythe attacks deal 4% more damage when over 90 soul energy. 
Overflowing Soul
Max Soul Energy increased by 40. 
Devastation: Scythe
Scythe combo finisher deals double damage if under 20% health.
Reap Haste
If you have over four stakcs of reap, your main scythe combo is much faster. When this effect is active, reap timer cannot be reset.
Divine Force
Ability. You cannot go below 1 health for 8 seconds. 
Aggressive Soul
Abilites cost 5 more soul energy. All damage increased 5%. 


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