Wizard Talents are a Category of Class Talents in Death's Gambit. Talents are special skills that Players may unlock by obtaining and spending Talent Points, and opening up progression via the Talent tree. Each Talent costs 1 talent point. Each of the Classes have their own set of Talents available to them if selected. Wizard Talents are available upon selecting the Wizard Class. Players may select a secondary Class Talent Tree once it is unlocked which will give them access to one other Class Talent Tree. In addition to the Class Talent trees, players will also be able to use a General Talent Tree and unlock an Advanced Talent Tree. 



Death's Gambit: Afterlife Wizard Talents

Wizard's Might
All abilities cost 5 less soul energy.
Experienced Mage
Creating a tomb orb reduces all other ability cooldowns by 2 seconds.
Fire Mastery
Burning enemies hit with fire magic explode, taking extra damage and damaging enemies around them.
Hitting burning enemies with fire 2, causes them to explode again. Other enemies hit by the explosion take extra damage and also explode.
Lightning Mastery
Animation for casting lightning 1 is faster and strikes one additional time.
Spell Blade Mastery
Spell blade finisher makes the orb cast animations much faster. Lasts 10 seconds.
Dark Mastery
Animation for dark orb 1 ability is faster.
Lightning Power
Using lightning 2 infuses you with lightning. All lightning damage increased by 20% for 20 seconds.
Rotating Orb Mastery
Casting lightning and fire orbs together, now creates 3 orbs at a time.
Dark Execution
If dark 2 kills an enemy, the attack repeats
Dark Mine Mastery
Casting Dark and Fire orb now creates a mine that explodes 3 times.


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