Sentinel Talents are a Category of Class Talents Death's Gambit. Talents are special skills that Players may unlock by obtaining and spending Talent Points, and opening up progression via the Talent tree. Each Talent costs 1 talent point. Each of the Classes have their own set of Talents available to them if selected. Sentinel Talents are available upon selecting the Sentinel Class. Players may select a secondary Class Talent Tree once it is unlocked which will give them access to one other Class Talent Tree. In addition to the Class Talent trees, players will also be able to use a General Talent Tree and unlock an Advanced Talent Tree.  



Death's Gambit: Afterlife Sentinel Talents

Sentinel Talents
Sentinel's Might
Parrying gives soul energy to use for abilities.
Fire Empowerment
All fire damage dealt increased by 4%
Block and Roll
Perfect block makes your next roll attack hit grant 25 more soul energy than usual
Dark Empowerment
All dark damage dealt increased by 4%
Rupture Mastery
Hitting an enemy that is already bleeding with rupture causes them to take 20% more bleed damage over time.
Greatsword Roll Fury
Hitting a bleeding enemy with a greatsword roll attack adds 3 seconds to the bleed timer.
Devastation: Greatsword
Greastsword combo finisher deals double damage if under 20% health.
X Slash Mastery
X slash curved projectiles come back towards you and deal damage again.
Circle of Stamina
Upon healing, you leave behind a small area that regenerates your stamina very quickly. Lasts 10 seconds. 
Power Crash
Attacking with Crash Down increases all damage done by 3%. Effect lasts 24 seconds. 
Crashdown Shockwave
Whenever a crash down would blind enemies hit, it also creates an explosion dealing 7x more damage than a regular crashdown.
Greathammer Mastery
Crushing Tide and Seismic Nova buffs last 10 seconds longer.
Seismic Nova Mastery
The explosion for Seismic Nova is now huge.
Greathammer Haste
If you have over four stacks of Crushing Tide or Seismic Nova, then your main greathammer combo is much faster. When this effect is active, the timer of this effect cannot be reset.



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