Tome of the Bulwark

Item Type Collectibles
Effect +5% bonus damage against The Bulwark of Aldwynn

Tome on the Phoenix in Death's Gambit is a Collectible. Collectibles in Death's Gambit are items that have its effects activate as soon as the item as found.



The Bulwark is a creature of habit, molded by obedience. Planted by the Ascended, his roots run deep, immovable, and everlasting."


The Bulwark is a relic of the Ailtire and their soulcraft. His armor, a walking coffin, the progenitor to the Hallowed Knight at his command."


Tome of the Bulwark Location

  • In the Central Sanctuary rest area, move towards the right past the trainers and the body of water. Defeat the enemies in the way then disable the falling traps by shooting an arrow on their chain. When you have reached the supposed castle entrance there would be two ladders next to it. One going up and one going down but it is currently blocked. Go up using the ladder for the tower, interact with the lever which would open the bottom hatch and give access to the bottom ladder.

    As you are going down the ladder, you will encounter an enemy with a crossbow. Defeat the enemy and go to that platform. From there try to jump to the platform below which contains the tome. 
  • In Central Sanctuary, near the gates of Aldwyn in which there are two ladders going up and down. Go down using the bottom ladder, drop onto the ledge/platform to the left. If you continue left you will find yourself in a new area. The NPCs here can give you Grimgaud's Brew after talking. 

    Continue going left onto the next area and in front of you is the Tome.




Tome of the Bulwark Notes & Tips

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