Collectibles in Death's Gambit are items that have its effects activate as soon as the item as found. 


Collectibles in Death's Gambit

Name Type Effect Description Location

Tome on the Bulwark


Collectibles +5% bonus damage against The Bulwark of Aldwynn The Bulwark is a creature of habit, molded by obedience. Planted by the Ascended, his roots run deep, immovable, and everlasting.  In the Central Sanctuary rest area, move towards the right past the trainers and the body of water. Defeat the enemies in the way then disable the falling traps by shooting an arrow on their chain. When you have reached the supposed castle entrance there would be two ladders next to it. One going up and one going down but it is currently blocked. Go up using the ladder for the tower, interact with the lever which would open the bottom hatch and give access to the bottom ladder.

As you are going down the ladder, you will encounter an enemy with a crossbow. Defeat the enemy and go to that platform. From there try to jump to the platform below which contains the tome. 
The Bulwark is a relic of the Ailtire and their soulcraft. His armor, a walking coffin, the progenitor to the Hallowed Knight at his command. In Central Sanctuary, near the gates of Aldwyn in which there are two ladders going up and down. Go down using the bottom ladder, drop onto the ledge/platform to the left. If you continue left you will find yourself in a new area. The NPCs here can give you Grimgaud's Brew after talking. 

Continue going left onto the next area and in front of you is the Tome.

Tome on the Phoenix

Collectibles +5% bonus damage against Soul of the Phoenix Their two hearts beat separately, the Phoenix acting as a host while sustaining the parasite with its infinite energy. Near the border area of the Central Sanctuary going to the Boss room of the Soul of the Phoenix and towards the Oblivion Vale. There would be a tower defended by an enemy with a kite shield. In order to get there, you would have to go through the platforms defended by crossbow enemies.  After defeating the enemy, at the end of the hallway of the tower would be the tome.

Tome on the Kaern

Collectibles +5% bonus damage against Tundra Lord Kaern

It's unknown whether by chance or fate, the Amarogs discovered they could achieve immortality through ritual sacrifice. The green crystals are a byproduct of their ceremony. From the entrance of the Oblivion Vale go left. Continue moving left eliminate as you go and then go down the hill then enter the cave. After entering the cave there would be a rest area and some traps ahead. In the middle of the traps would be a wooden platform from which the player can descend from. After descending you will find the tome.

Tome on the Dark Knight

Collectibles +5% bonus damage against Dark Knight In the darkness his eyes myriad, glinting deathly orbs with a savage appetite for blood. Take heed of the wary sensation cloying at your nape. In the entrance of  Darkness Falls, after going through the first hallway and reaching the ladder going down, under the entrance hallway is another hallway but is not visible. Simply jump from the ladder, land on the hallway, avoid the poison gas and at the end is the tome.

Tome on Origa


Collectibles +5% bonus damage against Origa Garde Tum is a place beyond fantasy, where humans challenged what it meant to be human. Yet in the shadow of their ambitions, a zeal for purity grew. In Aldwynn, enter the house with a wagon near its entrance. From the church it is the third door going left. From there it is just a straightforward go upwards till you hit the tome. From the underground rest area, after climbing the ladder the entrance is directly to the right.
Origa fell victim to the growing divide, betrayed by her parents as they let her wallow in sickness, easily cured. Without adaptation, purity is fragile. In Aldwynn, before entering the city proper where there are houses with entrances near the entrance in that area is a pathway going down. From there it is a straight forward going down and finding the tome.

Tome on Bysurge

Collectibles +5% bonus damage against Bysurge the Lightning Lurker As rumors of an apocalypse began surfacing. Bysurge devised a plan that schismed Garde Tum's unity, but promised immortality. In Garde Tum, After going down the elevator with the 4 switch puzzle, it is just a matter of a straight forward to the left till you see it.

Tome on the Eldritch Council

Collectibles +5% bonus damage against the Eldritch Council The wind carries whispers of the Crimson Court, a secret societ beneath Aldwynn run by Inquisitor Holdrem. All came into eventually know the prison spire as their journey's end. The Ivory Key is needed for this. In Journey's End, close to the revolving platforms would be a locked door which contains the tome and the Magister Shoes .

Tome on Amulvaro


Collectibles +5% bonus damage against Galaxy Mage Amulvaro As one of five sorcerors in this world. Amulvaro holds immense responsibility and power in maintaining the universe's balance. Yet in his paranoia, he has secluded himself to the highest chamber in his tower. From the starting rest area of Amulvaro's Observatory , just head into the next building, go up one floor, go to the far left part of the tower and in the ledge is the tome.
If mortals knew what the Astromancer saw that set him on a course of self-destruction, would they even recognize it? In right side of the building with the cage in Amulvaro's Observatory . It can be accessed by going up the building and moving to the right. Once you find the opening to the right side of the building it is near the fire dragon traps. If the dragon traps are visible then the tome should be close as well.


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