Tome on the Origa

Item Type Collectibles
Effect +5% bonus damage against Origa

Tome on the Origa in Death's Gambit is a Collectible. Collectibles in Death's Gambit are items that have its effects activate as soon as the item as found.



Garde Tum is a place beyond fantasy, where humans challenged what it meant to be human. Yet in the shadow of their ambitions, a zeal for purity grew."


Origa fell victim to the growing divide, betrayed by her parents as they let her wallow in sickness, easily cured. Without adaptation, purity is fragile."


Tome on Origa Location

  • In Aldwynn, enter the house with a wagon near its entrance. From the church it is the third door going left. From there it is just a straightforward go upwards till you hit the tome. From the underground rest area, after climbing the ladder the entrance is directly to the right.




Tome on Origa Notes & Tips

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