Aura of Blood

Aura of Blood
Reqs -
Bonuses Combo finishers heal for 5% when above 70% health.

Aura of Blood is one of the Auras in Death's Gambit. Auras can be acquired through out the game and they generally provide bonuses to various Stats or provide special benefits such as increasing Shards gained, constant Soul Energy gain, and faster movement after getting a kill.



A vampiric sprite siphons the blood spilled and shares a portion of its restorative properties.



Aura of Blood Location




Aura of Blood Notes & Tips

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Anti Gravity Field  ♦  Fallen Angel's Thesis  ♦  Fortune  ♦  Fragile Courage  ♦  Greed  ♦  Haste Aura  ♦  Light of the Grey Wanderer  ♦  Marksman Aura  ♦  Shard Aura  ♦  Spellbinders Aura  ♦  Surging Soul  ♦  The Bulwark's Pride  ♦  Theurgist Aura  ♦  Wisp


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