Theurgist Aura

Theurgist Aura
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Bonuses Melee attacks now deal fire damage and scale with intellect. Decreases soul energy gained by attacks.

Theurgist Aura is one of the Auras in Death's Gambit. Auras can be acquired through out the game and they generally provide bonuses to various Stats or provide special benefits such as increasing Shards gained, constant Soul Energy gain, and faster movement after getting a kill.



Power comes from many different sources. A pact made with forces beyond comprehension...A ritual bonding to age old spirits...None come without consequence.



Theurgist Aura Location

  • From the first rest area in Amulvaro's Observatory ,  just head left, reach the first building and eliminate the enemies. After that, it is just a matter of finding the passage going down and finding the item.




Theurgist Aura Notes & Tips

  • It adds an aditional Int scaling instead of replacing the original's scaling stat.



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