Light of the Grey Wanderer

Light of the Grey Wanderer
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Bonuses Illuminates dark areas.

Light of the Grey Wanderer is one of the Auras in Death's Gambit. Auras can be acquired through out the game and they generally provide bonuses to various Stats or provide special benefits such as increasing Shards gained, constant Soul Energy gain, and faster movement after getting a kill.



Few hold the title of wizard, having been graced by gods to weave the magic of our world. The Grey was especially enigmatic, though stories tell of her defiance against the very gods that gave her power. Her name was expurgated from Aldwynn, where the rulers felt defiance had no place under the shadow of their domain.



Light of the Grey Wanderer Location

  • Right to the left of amulvaro's broken cage above the owl. 
  • From the Amulravo Tower statue, go left up stair and jump to the ledge. Then do JUMP DASH to the left as far as possible to land on the lower one (where the Golem challenge is). The last jump to the left does not requires jump dash, you will be blocked by an invisible wall and land on top of this Aura. Where you stand right now is the Owl King challenge room. 




Light of the Grey Wanderer Notes & Tips

  • It is a lot easier to obtain this item if the player has obtained the  Air Dodge talent . Other hard to get ones like the Solar Bow can be obtained by using precise jump attacks.



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    • Anonymous

      24 Aug 2018 06:39  

      You DO NOT need to have the air dodge to get this. It is possible to make the jump with a precisely delayed aerial attack. Hopefully it actually works soon, tired of losing an ability slot for heroic dark knight.

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