Stamina Restore 

Type Talent
Class General Talent
Previous Starting Class Talent
Next Soul Plume
Using an ability regenerates all your stamina

Stamina Restore is a Talent from the General Talents Tree in Death's Gambit Afterlife. Talents are special abilities unlocked by spending Talent Points that you earn as you progress through the game. General Talents are the basic set of talents that players can access. Players will also have access to their starting class tree and eventually unlock a secondary class tree and an Advanced Talent tree.


Stamina Restore Information

  • Class: General Talent
  • Effect: Using an ability regenerates all your stamina



How to Unlock Stamina Restore

  • Required Talent Point: 1
  • You must first unlock: Starting Class Talent
  • You can afterwards unlock: Soul Plume


Death's Gambit General Talents
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