Parasitic Lifeform

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Item Type Miscellaneous

Deals damage over time, when found

inside the player's inventory.

Parasitic Lifeform is one of the Miscellaneous in Death's Gambit. Items can be acquired through out the game and they generally provide bonuses to various Stats or can be used to provide various benefits, or even open doors.



I should drop this...but...but it looks so cute!



Parasitic Lifeform Location


  • The parasitic lifeform can be found in Amulvaro's Observatory. A lying warrior's corpse serves as a main indicator. If the player approaches the corpse, the parasite will run after the player.




Parasitic Lifeform Notes & Tips

  • The Parasitic Lifeform can't run very far, so one of the safest ways of avoiding it is by simply stepping back. Alternatively, it can be killed with any weapon.
  • Unlike any other item in the game, the Parasitic Lifeform does not appear as a dropped item on the ground when the player removes it from the inventory.
  • Take the Parasitic Lifeform to the Lumberkin sign in Magister's Labyrinth to trade it for a Dark Matter.
  • If you rest at a save point with it in your inventory it will become mostly harmless, but can still be given to the Lumberkin.




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    • Anonymous

      Located in the mage's tower in two spots. Corpse on the ground in the big room with birdcage, and one in a small crawlspace. Drains life from you until you drop it from your inventory.

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