Sigil of Caer Siorai (Number One)

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Sigil of Caer Siorai (Number One) is one of the Key Items in Death's Gambit, and are used to open the sealed door to Caer Siorai.



One of three sigils used to open the underground passage ways to Caer Siorai.


Sigil of Caer Siorai (Number One) Location

  • One sigil is obtained after defeating the Eldritch Council.
  • One sigil is obtained after defeating Amulvaro.
  • One sigil is acquired after going back to Aldwynn from Caer Siorai and talking to Origa (pre Afterlife), or after defeating Cusith(also you can just pat him) (Afterlife)





Sigil of Caer Siorai (Number One) Notes & Tips

  • When inspecting the door to Caer Siorai, an inscription reads, "One sigil entrusted to Amulvaro. May his watchful eyes above Sanctuary keep us safe. Another, granted to the warden of the prison. May her conviction keep the sinners at bay...."
    • The rest of the writing has been scratched off. (pre Afterlife)
    • In Afterlife, the rest reads, "Third is guarded by Cusith. The untamable Gaian beast"
  • ??



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