Rider's Passage is a Location in Death's Gambit. Area description goes here.


Obsidian Plateau Walkthrough

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Rider's Passage Map

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NPCs in the area

  • None



Keys & Other

  • 1x Forgotten Gaian Tome


  • None


Full Rider's Passage Walkthrough

As you enter on your stallion, ride along and you'll come across a wooden platform that leads up to a ladder, next to a bell. This ladder brings you to a door that can only be opened using the Crest of Gaia, and will take you to an optional boss fight once it has been opened; this boss is the challenging Cusith, and is recommended to be taken on towards the end of the game, The bells all around the game can be used to summon your stallion for quick traveling. 


Short & Sweet

Continue in the same direction on your stead until you come to a Save Point Statue. On the left you may notice a wooden platform on the floor, under the waterfall, this brings you down to collect the first Forgotten Gaian Tome. On the right, the gap on the ceiling leads up to the Forgotten Gaian  boss fight, which is inaccessible now. 

From here, you may walk east to face the Owlking. Past him, is the Central Sanctuary.


Rider's Passage Video


Rider's Passage Map

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Trivia & Notes:

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