Projectiles are items in Death's Gambit that are thrown weapons. Items are used for healing, dealing damage, or consumed for Shards, to perform Upgrades or to open special locations. You may also want to see WeaponsShields and Armor for details on equipment.


Projectiles in Death's Gambit

Name Type Effect Description

placeholder_iconFire Bomb

Projectiles Fire bomb which explodes when thrown dealing 500 fire damage. Also sets enemies on fire. ??


Projectiles Radiant stone that illuminates dark areas. Can be thrown. These stones absorb natural light, exuding a pleasant warmth and light when night falls. The streets of Vados and many more cities use them on a daily basis.

crystal_bomb_deaths_gambit_wikiCrystal Bomb

Projectiles Unstable crystal which explodes when thrown, dealing 280 lightning damage. An unstable crystal, jittering with pent up energy.

placeholder_iconWarp Orb

Projectiles Explodes when thrown, dealing 280 lightning damage. Teleport to the explosion location. An unstable crystal, warping the space around it.

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