Materials are items in Death's Gambit that are for crafting items. Items are used for healing, dealing damage, or consumed for Shards, to perform Upgrades or to open special locations. You may also want to see WeaponsShields and Armor for details on equipment.


Materials in Death's Gambit

Name Type Effect Description

placeholder_iconThe Coconut

Materials ??? Keeps demons in asylums from regenerating health. Can be used to make the legendary pina colada.

placeholder_iconPhoenix Down

Materials A component for Sigur's ritual. The soft down feather of the Phoenix. It glows brightly, exuding a gently warmth.


Materials ?? Fink swears these stones are imbued with legendary power. But it looks like rubble scattered all across Aldwynn.

placeholder_iconDead Flower

Materials ?? Some dead flowers Fink found nearby. He says their smell reminds him of home.

placeholder_iconBroken Arrow

Materials ?? Fragments of wood and iron that once formed an arrow. Completely useless.


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