Magister's Labyrinth is a Location in Death's Gambit.  The Magister's Labyrinth is one of the locations released along with the Afterlife Expansion.  Explore the area to obtain necessary new Items, Consumables, and complete a Boss fight to clear the area. 



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Magister's Labyrinth Map



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  • Bramble Wasp
  • Mage


Full Magister's Labyrinth Walkthrough

The Magister's Labyrinth holds many things and NPCs and lot of enemy mages. This is where players may also encounter the library that contains the records of the magisters who have altered the course of Siradon's History. 


Magister's Labyrinth Information

This area may be first encountered from the left side coming from Aldwynn's Sewers or Darkness Falls, but will be inaccessible if the lever has not been pulled from the right yet. This area must be accessed through the route coming from Journey's End to reach the other side of the sealed wall. Once on the other side, the lever can be triggered so that this area can be accessed again from the left. 

  • A request you may encounter is to 'please gib parasite' 

Spoilers Below


Some parts of this area requires that players use items to get through. Without it, you encounter a lot of dead ends. While going through the Labyrinth, make you clear the Bramble Wasps in the area to obtain their Bee Stinger, as these will be needed later on. At some points you may encounter some signs of hints or requests. 

  • A request you may encounter is to 'please gib parasite'

Drop a parasite in this area to receive Dark Matter in return. 

  • A statue will hint 'Only those who have forfeighted their sight to the abyss are granted the vision of the true path. 

This area will also have eye symbols on the wall implying that the Abyssal Eye is needed. Using the Abyssal Eye will reveal a Crashdown point below, which will lead you into the next area. Clear this area until you reach the sitting mage. You will find there is no other way to progress from here. Once again you will notice the eyes, you can use the Abyssal Eye again or just Crash down at this area to proceed to the area below and make your way to the library. Here you will make you first encounter with the Grey Wanderer. She will have something to share about the library before you continue. 


Continue on your route, avoiding spines and orbs until you encounter the Grey Wanderer again. This time initiating a Bosses fight.



Magister's Labyrinth Video

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Magister's Labyrinth Map



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