Fallen Angel's Thesis

Fallen Angel's Thesis
Reqs Defeating Endless.
Bonuses Constantly gain soul energy.

Fallen Angel's Thesis is one of the Auras in Death's Gambit. Auras can be acquired through out the game and they generally provide bonuses to various Stats or provide special benefits such as increasing Shards gained, constant Soul Energy gain, and faster movement after getting a kill.



As Everly left this mortal coil, she left behind her memories and aspirations with me. I continue the Galbraith legacy with her, watching over me, always.



Fallen Angel's Thesis Location

  • Obtained by defeating Endless in a Heroic Rematch in Caer Siorai. It's highly advisable to try to beat her on your first playthrough, not on ng+, since her damage increases dramatically in ng+ and onwards. 


Fallen Angel's Thesis Notes & Tips

  • When equipped, it provides a limitless source of soul energy. Your soul energy will steadily increase over time and only deplete upon skill usage.
  • When equipped it gives the player a pair of dark blue wings on their back.
  • The item name is a reference to the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, whose opening theme is called "A Cruel Angel's Thesis".


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