Everly Galbraith

health: -
Nationality: Vados; Logoth (Vados' province, former nation)

Everly Galbraith is the mother of Sorun who is the player character and protagonist of Death's Gambit. She isn't an ordinary NPC as she doesn't have an amount of health and she can be interacted with only in a few scripted cutscenes. She can also be encountered as a mirage throughout the game after the player beats the Eldritch Council boss.


Everly Location: Sorun's Flashbacks/ Death Cutscenes

Everly can be encountered only in the in-game cutscenes which the player gets after a certain amount of deaths. There are a total of four cutscenes Everly is a part of. The first one when she embarks on the Great Expedition and the second and third one where she is at home with young Sorun. There is a fourth cutscene where she is stabbing young Sorun with a knife but it's a nightmare and not an event which actually happened.


 After the Eldrich Council boss fight the player will encounter a vision of chained dead Everly and from that point on they will encounter apparitions of Everly in many other places in the world throughout the game.

Everly Lore [SPOILERS]

Everly is a loving and caring mother and a proud soldier of Vados. She is maternal and deeply cares about Sorun and the husband she's lost. She is the only and most important figure in Sorun's life, and the very reason why he joins the Great expedition when he grows up. Her husband was taken by the Great expedition when Sorun was still a newborn. There's evidence in the game which suggests that she had lost one child before Sorun was born - Ash, but this is pure speculation.

Everly embarks on the Great Expedition years before the events of the game take place in order to glorify the Galbraith family name. Unfortunately due to unknown circumstances, during the expedition, Everly falls into the grasp of Thalamus, the Dark God, and the Source of Immortality and turns into the merciless immortal warrior known as Endless, ruler of Siradon, and the Immortal Citadel, also known as the final boss and main antagonist of the game. Everly being Endless while not fully in control of herself because her mind slowly deteriorates under the influence of immortality and dark magic, in-game dialogue reveals that her actions are still partly motivated by the tragic events and losses in her life. Endless's plan is to share immortality with everyone in the world so no one would experience the pain of loss again.

Everly's most important saying for Sorun is, 'Lead a life worth remembering.'.

After the Eldrich Council boss fight the player will encounter a vision of chained dead Everly which suggests that she met her final death as a mortal in Journey's end.



Alternate Ending

If the player beats the game in mortal mode with 0 FEA stat, which can be accomplished by killing bosses and not getting hit by the attacks of ghost enemies and Eldrich Council, the player gets an additional cutscene at the end of the game. The cutscene shows Everly peacefully passing into the afterlife and suggests that she would reunite with her husband there.



  • Names of sprites in the game files reveal that at some point during the development of the game Everly was meant to be Sorun's sister.
  • There are cut voice lines for Everly in the game files.
  • Everly is voiced by Evanne Friedmann.

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