Death Idol

Death Idols act as save points in Death's Gambit. When the player dies, they return to the last Death Idol rested at. When you rest at a Death Idol, you can choose from the following menu options: 

Option Function
Level Up  Allows the player to level up.
Reclaim  Lets the player to reclaim lost plumes for a cost of essence.
Augment Plume  Allows the player to trade in plumes for an increase in damage.
Change Abilities Lets the player to change their abilities
Upgrade Item  Let's the player upgrade their equipment.
Scrap Item  Let's the player scrap equipment for soul stones.
Dreamshift  Allows the player to fast travel between Death Idols.
Leave  Exits the menu.

Death Idol Locations


Notes & Tips

  • There are typically at least two Death Idols in each area.

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