Dark Empowerment

Type Talent
Class Sentinel
Previous  n/a
Next  n/a
All dark damage dealt increased by 4%

Dark Empowerment is a Talent from the Sentinel Talents Tree in Death's Gambit Afterlife. Talents are special abilities unlocked by spending Talent Points that you earn as you progress through the game. Each of the Classes have their own set of Talents available to them if selected. Sentinel Talents are available upon selecting the Sentinel Class. Players may select a secondary Class Talent Tree once it is unlocked which will give them access to one other Class Talent Tree. In addition to the Class Talent trees, players will also be able to use a General Talent Tree and unlock an Advanced Talent Tree. 


Dark Empowerment Information

  • Class: Sentinel
  • Effect: All dark damage dealt increased by 4%



How to Unlock Dark Empowerment

  • Required Talent Point: 1
  • You must first unlock:  n/a
  • You can afterwards unlock:  n/a




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