Consumed Knight's Boots

Consumed Knight's Boots
Armor Type Boots 
Reqs None
Stats VIT 4 FIN 10
Special -

Consumed Knight's Boots is one of the Boots in Death's Gambit. Armor can be acquired through out the game and they generally provide bonuses to various Stats.



Battered greavesm, oxidized by salt rust. Strands of seawood cling between the plates. The immense pressure of being under water has warped it with concave divots.



Consumed Knight's Boots Location

  • From the rest area after defeating the doppelganger in Y'lnoth. Head left until reaching the far end and the platforms going up. After surviving the enemies and reaching the ladder in each side chasm, continue going up. When reaching the top go to the hallway to the right. Close are a set of platforms going up, go this path till reaching the platform with multiple enemies after the fake rest area/death statue. In the far left is the boots.




Consumed Knight's Boots Upgrade Table

Level Bonus Materials & Cost
+0 VIT 4 FIN 10 -
+1 VIT 5 FIN 11 2 Soul Stones
+2 VIT 6 FIN 12 4 Soul Stones
+3 VIT 7 FIN 13 8 Soul Stones
+4 VIT 8 FIN 14 16 Soul Stones
+5 VIT 9 FIN 15 32 Soul Stones
+6 VIT 10 FIN 16 2 Immortalite Stones
+7 VIT 11 FIN 17 4 Immortalite Stones
+8 VIT 12 FIN 18 8 Immortalite Stones
+9 VIT 13 FIN 19 16 Immortalite Stones
+10 VIT 14 FIN 20 32 Immortalite Stones


Consumed Knight's Boots Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      15 Feb 2020 03:23  

      These are also purchasable from Fink immediately after beating Origa. You drop down, hang a left, and he's there selling them for 1000 souls. Useful for Mortal playthrough.

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