Aldwynn Sewers is a Location in Death's Gambit. The Aldwynn Sewers Chamber is one of the newer locations released along with the Afterlife Expansion. It is a location that is accessed early on in the game and can be reached from Aldwynn. In these new locations, players may run into new Items, Enemies and NPCs.  


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Aldwynn Sewers Map

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Full Aldwynn Sewers Walkthrough

Aldwynn Sewers is the location directly connected to aldwynn, and can lead to Darkness Falls. From this path, players may run into new items, Enemies and NPCs.  

Aldwynn Sewers Information

When progressing left towards Darkness falls. Players may run into a new NPC, the Acolyte Lizard or find the route towards Garde Tum. This might lead players to an objective towards Journey's End. Aldwynn Sewers serves as a shortcut to make it easier for players to travel between the Central Sanctuary and the underground passage of Caer Siorai.

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Aldwynn Sewers becomes accessible after you've defeated Origa and once you've found the main entrance of Caer Siorai. Make sure to go back to the boss arena where Origa is and speak to her to gain access to the sewers. In the Afterlife expansion, once you reach the sewers, you'll see a bunch of lizards gnawing on a wooden beam, and if you speak to them, they will ask you to explore the east side of the map to find Frupis, restaurant owned by a lizard chef. Make sure to explore it and head to the far east side and eventually, the lizards that was trying to break the wooden beam will tell you that it's clear and you can further explore the west side of the map.

Caer Siorai Underground Passage

The end path of the east side of the Aldwynn Sewers contains the underground entrance of Caer Siorai which requires three sigils that are obtained by defeating the following bosses: Cusith, Eldritch Council, and Galaxy Mage Amulvaro. Upon acquiring all three sigils and arriving at the sealed door, you will have your first encoutner against Endless.



Aldwynn Sewers Video

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Aldwynn Sewers Map

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Trivia & Notes:

"Please gib dragon grass" - drop Dragonberry and get 3 Fire Bomb


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